LINKS is perfect for entrepreneurs starting their business, improving their knowledge in marketing and self-improvement. I want you to succeed and providing you with the information is just the first step.

These links can provide the information needed for women who want to start a business:

Are you Hispanic?
Want to know how the business world works? This link is great in providing useful info:

The Pros and Cons of Franchise Ownership

Need small business counseling and training? It's Free!

New York Business this web site can offer lots of advice and info about NY Business.

WiseApple Studios

Wiseapple Studios is a design studio with the intention of putting together artwork that is clean and on point, with style and an urban flair. Want something kool?
This is where you go! Creating artistic goodness since '93

Social Media Consultation and Branding on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sifor existing and new businesses--Graphic and Web Design--Logos and Printing designs-Signage and banners